The type of treatment that you have depends on entirely on the reason for wanting it. For example, if you wanted a pre-race/game treatment it would be vastly different to that needed to rectify a muscular problem.
Mike at work
Sadly the most common use for Sports massage therapy is to treat an injury (of varying severities), often the injury could have been avoided with the right course of preventative action.
If an injury is evident then the treatment will target the affected area and any other muscles that may have been affected. The depth and intensity of the massage is heavily dictated by the nature of the injury and which muscle is damaged. However it is safe to say that in the vast majority of cases this kind of treatment is rather uncomfortable.
In the case of an injury prevention (or maintenance) massage, the idea is to 'free up' the muscles and keep them in top working order. Again the depth of the treatment is dependant of the condition of the area being treated and the individuals needs and preferences.
Mike at work

These two are the most regular types of treatment. The intervals for maintenance massage are entirely down the individuals needs. An elite athlete could very well have one after every hard training session, where as someone that suffers from neck and shoulder tension caused by office work may well have one every three or four weeks.

If an injury is evident then one treatment a week may well suffice. Again an athlete may require one every four days or so to enable them to return to training as soon as possible.
Some clients will book a session for the day after a race or competition (sometimes even later the same day). These sessions are to help flush out the toxins that build up within the muscles during exercise. It also gives the therapist the earliest opportunity to identify any issues that may trigger off a future injury.
All of the regular treatments available last approximately 1hour but if you needed longer (to treat multiple problems for example) then there is the possibility of a double session. I would suggest that double sessions are left until you have had at least one regular length treatment first.
Part of the initial treatment time will be taken up teaching the correct stretches that are vital to the healthy up keep. Obviously to treat muscles, the relevant item/s of clothing will need to be removed. This is done in privacy if necessary and you would be more than welcome to bring a friend or partner with you if that would make you feel more comfortable.
At the time of writing each session is charged at the rate of £35. Currently, treatments take place at the White Rose Clinic (address below).